New record total attendance at The Festival in 2018

Gold Cup Day, the fourth and final day of The Festival today, was attended by 70,684 racegoers - a sold-out crowd.
Thanks to this and two record crowds earlier this week, the Home of Jump Racing has seen a new record total attendance at The Festival of 262,637.
The crowd for yesterday's St Patrick's Thursday, the third day of The Festival, came to 66,384, a new record the day since The Festival expanded to four days in 2005. The total beat last year's 66,200 by 184, while 65,544 attended in 2016 and 60,495 in 2015.
This was the second consecutive day of a record crowd as 58,959 racegoers came to Cheltenham on Wednesday, the second day of The Festival, Ladies Day.
Tuesday's crowd of 66,110 was the second highest-ever on the opening day of The Festival, Champion Day.
DAY/YEAR 2018 2017 2016 2015
FRIDAY 70,684 70,160 70,242 68,957
THURSDAY 66,384 66,200 65,544 60,495
WEDNESDAY 58,959 57,681 57,093 55,359
TUESDAY 66,110 66,019 67,700 63,249
Totals 262,637(new record) 260,060 260,579 248,050

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