New To Racing Guide

New to Racing Guide

All you need to know

There's nothing like a day at the races for excitement, thrills and quality entertainment.

What to bring

We recommend bringing cash to racedays, however we do have options to bet by credit or debit card.
Your racecard – all you need to know plus features and tips from £3. Availale at most racedays throughout the 2018/19 season are Raceday Packages. These include a betting and racecard voucher to make sure you get the most out of your day at Cheltenham. Click here for more information. 

Visit the paddock before the race

What to look for:

  • Good muscle tone
  • Shiny coat
  • Bright eyes
  • Alert manner
  • A relaxed walk

What to avoid:

  • Very sweaty horses
  • Very agitated horses

Study the form

Points to look for:

  • Past wins or places (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at the course.
  • Performance on the same going (ground conditions).
  • Performance over the same distance.
  • Your racecard has some essential information, and there's more in The Racing Post.

How to place a bet:

Once the horses leave the parade ring, you've got about 5 mins to place your bets and get to the stand to watch the race. Shop around as bookies often offer different prices.

What to do after the race:

Head for the winner's enclosure and then prepare for your next race.

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