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Please view full Terms and Conditions for all fixtures, events, sales and competitions at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

We draw your attention to point 12 of our standard terms and conditions of entry, namely:

Media coverage

Media Coverage and recording for promotional purposes

As per our terms and conditions of entry, all attendees (which for the purposes of this condition includes horses and Attendees with children) are reminded that many races and fixtures are given coverage on television, radio, and in print and various other forms of media. By entering the Racecourse you accept (for yourself and on behalf of any horse or children in your care) that you/they may appear in such coverage, which may also include printed, electronic or digital material used for the promotion of any Jockey Club Racecourse including Cheltenham.

Accordingly, you shall have no right to object to, or demand any payment in respect of, your, your horse's or your children’s inclusion in any such coverage whether produced by the Operator or by third parties authorised by the Operator. Furthermore by entering the Racecourse you consent (for yourself and on behalf of any children in your care) to the passing of still or moving images of you/them to third parties authorised by the Operator for the purposes of the production of printed or electronic material to be used solely for the promotion of the Racecourse.

You acknowledge that, on request, you will give any additional consents or waivers required for the unrestricted lawful use of any coverage (if any) without request for payment or imposing any other conditions.

NB: Terms of Entry – Liquids

Liquids over 100ml will be confiscated on entry this includes items such as perfume and water. All alcohol is strictly prohibited. View our alcohol policy here.

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