The Jockey Club Ownership

Contact and FAQ's

We anticipate a few questions that are not in our “FINAL CONTRACT” terms and conditions - which can be viewed here.

What if a horse is injured?

There are no guarantees in racing, but we are committed to having three horses in training at any time. If possible we will replace an injured or retired horse although this should not be expected.

How do I get information about the horses?

We regularly update members and share the horses' progress

Will I make money?

Please do not expect a financial return from your membership

I am a member at one of your courses already, can I offset the cost of that against this purchase?

Yes Cheltenham, Exeter, Warwick and Wincanton members can, please call the membership team on 01242 537 662 and they will take you through your options

I don’t want to go racing at Cheltenham but I'd like membership at Exeter, do I get a discount?

No, we are introducing this membership to encourage racing across our region and to support racing generally

Can I get out of the syndicate at any time and have my money back?

Sadly not, membership is for two seasons 2018/19, 2019/20 and is non-refundable

Can I go into the paddock/enclosures when we have a runner?

Owner/paddock badges are distributed by ballot

Can I bring a guest racing for free?

Guest tickets to come racing will need to be purchased online in the normal manner. However from time to time we may offer incentives to encourage you to bring a guest

Do I have a dedicated facility when one of our horses runs?

Where possible a dedicated facility will be made available and you will be advised when we have a runner

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